french braid

French braids are so beautiful and a practical hairstyle. With a little patience and practice, you can braid your own hair in French immediately with this simple tutorial.

Benefits of Mango leaves

We all love Mango, Don’t we? Are you sure, Mangoes have health benefits? Of course, it has lots of health benefits so that we used to take during the summer season. But who would have imagined does mango leaves to have healing properties? Do you agree with me? It works as a great herbal medicine for various illnesses. Mango leaves are full of healing and medicinal properties suitable for you. Extensive range of properties involves grabbing more features in it. Thus, it gives immense important in eastern medicine too. Continue reading “Benefits of Mango leaves”

Dye Hair Blonde After Bleaching

Do you have any confusion about putting the blonde dye on bleached hair? If yes, then you are in the right place. Just proceed further to know more details. In general, dyeing hair blonde after bleaching is absolutely a good thing and it will never damage your hair. Still, you have doubt, then you have to ask the below-mentioned questions by yourself. Continue reading “Dye Hair Blonde After Bleaching”