Dye Hair Blonde After Bleaching

Do you have any confusion about putting the blonde dye on bleached hair? If yes, then you are in the right place. Just proceed further to know more details. In general, dyeing hair blonde after bleaching is absolutely a good thing and it will never damage your hair. Still, you have doubt, then you have to ask the below-mentioned questions by yourself.

How much time will you bleach the hair?

You would have to start over your hair or cut it off, instead of over-processing the hair. Limited time is best to get beautiful and shiny hair.

Have you tried showering in cold water?

No one wants to shower in cold water, because it may cause health problems. But showering with cold water around 2 to 5 minutes at the end of bathing will enhance your immune system effectively and also can shine your hair. Hot water showering will surely damage your hair.

bleach the hair

Are you having any kind of extracurricular activities?

Some of the extracurricular activities may have the chance of damaging the hair, especially swimming. When you have lighten already bleached hair, you must avoid swimming to protect your hair. At that time, dry hair or grey hair may occur.

Are you mixing your own blonde dye or buying a box dye?

Everyone’s hair will not be suitable for dye. Someone can feel the great impact and someone will find any difference. On that basis, some people will face a huge difference by mixing their own blonde dye and some feel huge change through the dye which they bought at a cheap cost. So, you have to decide, which is suitable for you.

Do you have enough time in applying the hair mask at least for once in a week?

This one is not a compulsion one, but if the users do it then sure they can able to get the good result. Sure in future, they will never get any white hair, it is mainly because of putting blonde dye on bleached hair.

dry hair

What is the impact of dry hair?

When you start to dye and bleach your hair, sure your hair will be dried out. You can notice that. If you are ok with it, then you can proceed further. But your hair will never get damaged with this process. But sure your hair will dry.

So, consider the above-mentioned questions seriously and then you can start putting the blonde dye on bleached hair.